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Class Night and Graduation Information

Important Dates to Remember:





Senior Class Day Attire



  • White dresses, shirts, blouse or suits. NO club wear, high splits or tight clothing. Please try to get as close to white as you  can.


  • Shoes must be clear or white heels, flats or sandals that you will be comfortable in. You will be standing a long time.


  • Jewelry must be modest and not over bearing. Pearl stud earrings is suggested. You must not be flashy. Gold or silver is allowed only in the necklace or earrings.


  • When you sit please cross your legs at the ankles.


Young Men

  • Black pants, Black shoes and Black tie. The tie can have a small design on it but preferably solid. DO NOT wear an undershirt with a design on it. It shows through and doesn't look good. Undershirt needs to be solid white. The shirt can be long or short sleeved, whatever you are comfortable in.



Hair must be neatly combed or braided. Facial hair needs to be trimmed and neat also.